Our Mission

SporTrust is an application that introduces technology and data mining into the sailing sport, enabling sailing athletes, coaches and yacht clubs to communicate, cooperate and digitize their data in a rapid and effective way.

Our Values

SporTrust is committed to its core organizational values of:
Perseverance. Our success comes from ongoing growth and satisfaction of our customers by being responsive, hands-on, while paying attention to detail.
Determination. SporTrust is guided by an entrepreneurial spirit based on determination and passion. This gives us the drive to succeed and allows us to continually learn and tune in our skills.
Excellence. Being athletes and coaches ourselves, we believe in achieving our best by overcoming challenges and using our experiences to boost ourselves for greater results.
Fairness. We treat our workforce and stakeholders with honesty, respect, compassion and integrity.
Innovation. We focus on analysing and understanding our customers’ needs while doing our best to satisfy them by providing innovative solutions and cutting edge technology.

Our Goals

SporTrust’s primary goal is to provide sailing coaches with an immediate and easy to use program that manages efficiently training sessions, providing consolidated views of all vital information related to the preparation and performance of athletes at any time, on desktop or mobile device.
In the long term, the innovative workflow and characteristics that out platform provides, will be introduced to a greater number of sports and establish a compelling tool in sports’ science.

Sailing daunting tasks, solved!

SporTrust team members, who are experienced sailing athletes and coaches, have encountered, during their careers, a lack of platforms, which could enable them store data regarding their trainings, their performance during their preparation for a sailing tournament, the weather conditions that they faced during past trainings and numerous of important data which could improve significantly their work.

Over and above, stored data can lead to high quality analytics which add value both to sailing coaches, who can exploit them in order to become more time and cost effective, as well as to sailing athletes, who can have digitized records and analytics regarding not only their races, but their entire “sailing life”.

If you interested in investing in SporTrust, please contact us at invest@sportrust.com